AI for ALL

One end-to-end platform to simplify AI for video, IoT and edge deployments

Accelerate the time-to-market for all your AI IoT and machine learning projects with easy device management, model creation, data preparation, continuous training and flexible deployment.

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Sixgill Unifies The Machine Learning Lifecycle

The Sixgill Sense platform unifies and streamlines all the complex steps in end-to-end machine learning. Sense provides full ML lifecycle management with “always on” vision and IoT data collection, integrated data annotation, continuous model training, detection monitoring and edge deployment.

Deploy Edge AI IoT Solutions In Days Instead of Months

With easy, no-code point-and-click features all in one platform, Sense slashes your time-to-production and accelerates the success and value of AI-powered solutions across industries.

Centralized Management of Devices

Connect, administer, & control cameras, sensors & edge devices in one interface.

Immediate Data Collection & Preparation

Create datasets from selected devices with precise training clips & version control.

Custom Label Schemas for computer vision

Integrated Data Annotation Toolset

Quickly annotate your video training data with our easy-to-use labeling features built right into Sense.

End-to-End ML Model Management

Create models within Sense or upload your own and train from a labeled dataset.

Flexible Deployment at Scale

Meet your business needs & easily deploy to the edge, cloud, or on-premise.

All-In-One Platform. Powerful Product Integration.

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Sense for AI-Powered Solutions Management

One unified interface simplifies the end-to-end ML lifecycle and accelerates the productionalization of computer vision and AI IoT applications.

  • Streamlined, centralized control of camera and IoT device fleets, ML model creation, data annotation, continuous training and deployment
  • Fast time-to-production with complete tools to manage models and inform real-time operations
  • Flexible for types and deployment to the edge, cloud, on-premise or hybrid
  • Powerful for ML engineers and accessible for non-technical users enabling cross-team collaboration and insights sharing with one AI project knowledgebase

Sense Data Annotation for AI-Powered Dataset Creation

Complete video and image labeling toolset makes annotating diverse computer vision ML datasets fast and easy.

  • Built for maximum throughput and optimal accuracy to eliminate data labeling bottlenecks and accelerate time-to-training
  • Easy, step-by-step process guides project setup, data import, schema definition, labeling, and data export
  • Powerful capabilities automate image handling, like-object labeling, and facilitate team collaboration and project management
  • Available with Sense for integrated ML data preparation


Sixgill AI Services

Need help with AI projects? Rely on our AI Services to take your custom ML models from concept-to-deployment quickly and with quality.

Custom Enterprise Solutions
Partner with our experienced team, who lives and breathes AI IoT, to realize the full potential of AI-powered enterprise solutions customized for your specific business needs.

Managed Labeling as a Service
Sixgill’s skilled data labeling team will manage labeling projects to produce fast, accurate image and video annotations to meet your project needs.

Model Building as a Service
Our ML engineers will build, train and deliver high-quality custom ML models to meet your specific project requirements, cost effectively and within deadlines. Custom models can be deployed to Sense for your control and ongoing lifecycle management.


AI for ALL

All AI/ML teams within organizations across all industries can benefit from computer vision AI-powered solutions.


Fever & PPE Detection
Occupancy & Distancing Monitoring
Cleaning & Disinfecting Compliance

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Drug R&D Acceleration
Clinical Trial Optimization
Medical Imaging

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Supply Chain

Product/Goods Count & Tracking
Shipment On-Off Loading Monitoring
Product Compromise Detection

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Oil & Gas

VOC Gas Leak Detection
Tank-Level Monitoring
Site Security Intelligence

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Livestock Count & Health Monitoring
Crop Disease Detection
Product Grading & QA/QC Packaging

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Worker Productivity Optimization
Process/Task Monitoring & Compliance
Worker Count & Tracking By Trade

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Across all industries, there’s an urgent need to accurately screen all people coming into a facility, or area, and automate the detection of fever and assure compliance with PPE policies.


Sense enables organizations to use the power of video cameras help identify threats in real time. Sixgill-built models allow for non-contact preventative monitoring and screening and realtime alerting and data logging of events. Models include thermographic fever scanning, mask (and other PPE) compliance detection.