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Intro to Computer Vision: Building Object Detection Models and Datasets – Jan 27 2021

Jan 27 2021 5:30pm PST – Build your own object detection model from start to finish. Includes how to do data annotation and model training on your own dataset.

Previous Events:

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Introduction to Computer Vision [Live Online] – Dec 15 2020

Dec 15 2020 5:30pm PST | In this introductory workshop, Sage Elliott will get you started with computer vision and walk you through how to build your own object detection system to locate objects in images and videos.

Workshop for Computer Vision and Object Detection – Dec 9th 2020

Get started with computer vision & Object Detection, Sage Elliott will walk through how to build your own object detector to locate objects in images and videos with Facebook detectron2 and cover practical data labeling methods for you to use in your own projects.