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The Machine Learning Lifecycle Simplified

No-Code AI IoT Platform Powers Easier Innovation & Faster Time-To-Production

Sense Streamlines End-to-End Machine Learning & Computer
Vision Lifecycle

Every step of the machine learning and computer vision workflow is made simple and fast within one no-code platform. Sense allows anyone to build and deploy AI IoT solutions to any cloud, the edge or on-premise.

Learn how Sense provides simplicity, consistency and transparency to AI/ML teams with enough power and depth for ML engineers yet easy enough to use for subject matter experts.

Sense Features

With A Highly Visual Step-By-Step Interface, Your ML Models Go From Prototype To Production In Days, Not Months

Device Management

Connect and manage sensor streams & edge computing devices.

Data Collection

Create training datasets with version control directly from sensors.

Data Annotation

Label video and images with a full-featured integrated toolset.

Machine Learning

Select existing models  or bring you own & train from a labeled dataset.


Manage edge and cloud model deployments from a single interface.

Sense Data Annotation

For your end-to-end computer vision project needs, our high-performance full-featured labeling toolset can be used seamlessly as part of your AI lifecycle management.

Or, sign up today to get started FREE with our Sense Data Annotation tools.

Device Management

Sense enables easy connection and management of all video cameras, IoT sensors, and edge devices needed for data collection to power AI IoT solutions of any size.

Learn how Sense provides centralized control for hardware monitoring, videos stream capturing, edge computing, and device scheduling from an easy to use interface.


Hardware Monitoring

Monitor the status of sensors, compute nodes & deployment events in real time.  

Camera Streams

Add cameras to capture video streams for data collection or running model inference.

Edge Compute Nodes

Manage compute nodes remotely, run and update ML models at the edge.

Device Groups & Mapping

Add devices to groups and map layouts for easier tracking and organization.

Data Collection

Sense provides easy data collection and robust dataset preparation tools to streamline and enhance this all-important phase for machine learning projects.

Learn how Sense makes data collection and management easier with video-to-frame conversion, version control, dataset building, and scheduled collection times.


Convert Video to Frames

Convert captured video streams into images to label for computer vision applications.

Dataset Version Control

Always keep track of what data your model was trained on with dataset version control.

Build Training Datasets

Select clips from data streams to build out robust training datasets for continuous ML.

Collection Scheduling

Advanced scheduling options allow data to be collected only when needed, saving resources

Data Annotation

Fully integrated within the Sense platform, Sense Data Annotation accelerates your computer vision projects with seamless accessibility to advanced tools for video and image labeling. This high-performance annotation toolset includes AI-powered features to meet all your computer vision project needs. Get started labeling with Sense for free. Sign up is fast and easy; no credit card is required.

Custom Label Schemas for computer vision

Custom Label Schemas

Create label schema types for object detection, image segmentation, pose estimation, key points/feature points, captioning, and classification

ML Assisted Labeling

Save time and resources by using the built in smart labeling features: smart polygon selection, auto-labeling & label QA

Team Collaboration

Scale & sync projects with team management, dashboard progress, label queue / quantity, & speed tracking.

Data Export Formats

All major computer vision label formats are available for export: COCO, YOLO, Pascal
VOC & CreateML

Machine Learning

Sense allows users the flexibility to build machine learning models within the platform, or users can bring their own model to manage and train on labeled datasets in the system.

Learn how Sense improves the machine learning workflow with smarter model training, version control, pre-built solutions, or the flexibility to use your own machine learning model.




Model Training

Train and optimize models faster with built-in SmartML hyperparameter tuning.

Cloud & Edge Deployments for machine learning

Version Control

Track model performance and understand how it was trained with model version control.

Cloud & Edge Deployments for machine learning

Pre-Built Solutions

Use a pre-built model for an off the shelf solution or starting point for transfer learning.

Use Your Own Model

Upload your own models into sense to integrate with datasets and devices.


Easily deploy models to edge devices, any cloud, or on-premise.

Learn how Sense can allow anyone to deploy machine learning models with edge management, scheduled runtimes, performance tracking and cloud options.

Run ML on edge

Run machine learning models on Edge compute devices and run inference on data streams.

Scheduled Runtimes

Gain efficiency and run models only when needed with easy runtime scheduling tools.

Performance Tracking

Track model performance and output using Sense performance tracking tools.

Cloud & Edge Deployments for machine learning

Cloud Deployments

When you don’t need to run on the edge, create cloud-based nodes for model deployment. 

Business Integration

Sense provides the features and capabilities enterprises need to flexibly integrate AI into their daily processes. A centralized knowledgebase for data insights, Sense makes AI easy, accessible, and invaluable for team collaboration across the enterprise—from data scientists and ML engineers, to business analysts, subject matter experts and executives. Sense offers data output to existing systems, reporting and analytics platforms, and if desired, Sense APIs can be accessed for highly custom and robust integrations.

Request a demo to learn more about how Sense can truly embed and deepen the benefits of AI across your enterprise.


Cloud & Edge Deployments for machine learning

Custom Rule-Based Actions

Automate actions, such as alerts, based on desired criteria when an event takes place or measurement thresholds are exceeded.

Reports & Analytics

Discover insights about deployed models and devices with flexible output to desired reporting and analytics platforms.

Cloud Connections

Integrate deployment outcomes online with cloud connections.

Cloud & Edge Deployments for machine learning

API Access

For deeper feature use and integration, access can be provided to the Sense API.

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We’re not just a dev team behind the application, we’re users too. We know first hand the pain points of each step in the machine learning life cycle, so we built Sense from the ground up to eliminate bottlenecks and allow anyone to build powerful machine learning models for all industries. Connect with our engineers and community to see how Sense is being used.

How Can Sense work for you?

Contact us to request a demo or talk with our experts on how you can apply AI to your industry and use case.

AI for ALL

All AI/ML teams within organizations across all industries can benefit from computer vision AI-powered solutions.


Fever & PPE Detection
Occupancy & Distancing Monitoring
Cleaning & Disinfecting Compliance

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Drug R&D Acceleration
Clinical Trial Optimization
Medical Imaging

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Supply Chain

Product/Goods Count & Tracking
Shipment On-Off Loading Monitoring
Product Compromise Detection

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Oil & Gas

VOC Gas Leak Detection
Tank-Level Monitoring
Site Security Intelligence

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Livestock Count & Health Monitoring
Crop Disease Detection
Product Grading & QA/QC Packaging

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Worker Productivity Optimization
Process/Task Monitoring & Compliance
Worker Count & Tracking By Trade

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Across all industries, there’s an urgent need to accurately screen all people coming into a facility, or area, and automate the detection of fever and assure compliance with PPE policies.


Sense enables organizations to use the power of video cameras to help identify threats in real-time. Sixgill-built models allow for non-contact preventative monitoring and screening and real-time alerting and data logging of events. Models include thermographic fever scanning, mask (and other PPE) compliance detection.